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Make Yourself A Priority


Is anxiety running your life? Sherri sees many clients who are frustrated with anxiety negatively impacting their lives. If your life is being dominated by anxiety Sherri will help you to take charge of your thoughts, your life and your happiness. Freedom and new life possibilities are benefits to learning to cope with anxiety.



Do you feel fatigued, empty or hopeless? While depression can be a normal response to loss or life's struggles if it becomes overwhelming, results in physical symptoms or lasts for a long time it is important to seek help. Counselling can be an important step in helping to understand and manage your depression. 

Assertiveness & Self Esteem

Are you feeling bad about yourself? Some people struggle with negative thoughts about themselves that lower their self confidence and self esteem. Sherri will help you see yourself in a more realistic light with support and encouragement. She will also help you develop new patterns for assessing yourself as well as practical ways to be more assertive in your life. Becoming more confident and embarking on previously unchartered territory are benefits of developing better self esteem and becoming more assertive.


First Responders

Are you a first responder or family member of a first responder who would like to like to work towards health and wellness? Sherri provides a down to earth atmosphere for first responders and their families to focus on resilience and mental fitness. She has been specially trained in 'Occupational Awareness Training: Understanding First Responders Trauma' and has a spouse who was a former first responder (now retired) so she is both familiar and comfortable with the challenges (and joys) of the profession.

Do you feel unfocussed? Sherri will meet with clients who would like help setting goals in their work, school or personal life. Some clients prefer a coaching approach to meeting their goals and Sherri has the ability work very strategically to help you set and meet those goals.

Sherri also works with people facing career decisions, grief, stress, anger management and life transitions.

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