July 19, 2016

Work/Life Happiness

Recently I was asked to do a seminar on work/life balance for an organization. I happily accepted since the idea of balance had eluded me in my own life. I had certainly noticed a pattern of my work infringing on the things I loved the most, clearly I was out of balance!

Once I did the research I discovered I was not alone. Many people put undue pressure on themselves to achieve balance in their lives. This pressure is only reinforced by the natural tendency to compare ourselves to others. Social media does not help, instead it creates a platform for comparison. In fact, a survey done by Today Parents found 42% of moms reported Pinterest stress, or what I will now call ‘pinstress,’ because they believed they we...

Something special happens each spring. Longer days of sunlight and buds in bloom spark an urge to renew and refresh our lives. Many of us get outside more to soak up the sun while others de-clutter living spaces and breathe a sigh of relief at calmer surroundings. Spring is a time of a new beginnings.

All the natural changes and motivation spring provides can lead to a greater sense of well being as we engage with our external environment in a new way. But what about our internal environment? Spring is the ideal time to clear out some our internal clutter as well. A spring cleaning of the mind is in order.

Awareness is the first step to being able to manage your mind clutter. It is similar to clutter you have in your living space...

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Make Yourself A Priority

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