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Make Yourself A Priority


Is anxiety running your life?

Anxiety can impact everyone a little differently, but it is generally a feeling of unease, worry, or fear that can range from mild to severe.

Symptoms of anxiety can appear in a number of ways:


Rapid heart rate, sweating, muscle tension, pins and needles, light headed, headache, upset stomach, tightness in the chest, sleep disturbances and fatigue.


Excessive worry (even about anxiety itself), irrational fears, thinking something bad will happen, racing thoughts, catastrophic thinking, intrusive thoughts.



Agitation, anger, fear, helplessness, worthlessness.


Difficulty concentrating, restlessness, withdraw from loved ones or friends, looking for extra reassurance or external validation, avoiding certain situations or activities.

Anxiety is the body's natural response to stress but if these responses become extreme or interferes with your life it may be time to seek out counselling for support.

How can counselling help with anxiety?

Provide a place to talk about your anxiety in a safe, non-judgemental and accepting space.

Create a greater self awareness about anxiety.

Work with the sensations in the body and learn to be curious in order to reduce the discomfort of anxiety rather than get "stuck in the mind".

Uncover underlying causes of worries and fears. Explore and understand stressful events in your life.

Understand if unresolved trauma contributes to your anxiety. Learn about some of the physiology behind the alarm in your body.



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