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Make Yourself A Priority

First Responders

Are you frustrated because you are irritable, angry, sarcastic and not sure why?


Have you been having trouble sleeping, experience a racing mind or have troubling images popping into your mind? 

Do you find yourself withdrawing from the people or activities you love?

Have you noticed more hyper-vigilance, particularly related to your loved ones?

Do you notice you have a more negative attitude and lower focus at work and home?


Are you 'self medicating' with alcohol, drugs, gambling etc in order to deal with uncomfortable feelings?

Is your cup running over and deep down you know you need make yourself a priority?



Let's do this!

Sherri has your back. She will provide a comfortable, accepting and confidential environment to help you work towards health and wellness so you can:


  • Have better self awareness and understand why you are in a reaction mode.

  • Know that you are responding normally to abnormal situations, you are not alone.

  • Learn the science/physiology behind coping with challenges. 

  • Process impacts of occupational stress and relationship challenges.

  • Find a variety of ways to cope that are both evidence based and tailor made for you.



Sherri uses a down to earth approach with a focus on resilience and mental fitness.


She has been specially trained in 'Occupational Awareness Training: Understanding First Responder's Trauma'.

A theraputic speciality in working with first responders to increase resilience and mental fitness.

First Responder Families

Being a family member of a first responder can be tough. There are challenges such as long shifts and odd hours, worry about safety, communication breakdowns and work stress spilling into family life.


While family members can work hard to be supportive, it is important that they are supported too!

As a spouse of former first responder (now retired), and someone who works with many firefighters, police officer, paramedics and their families, Sherri is both familiar and comfortable with the challenges (and joys) of the profession.

Sherri can support family members to:

  • Acknowledge and manage their own life stressors.

  • Learn how to recognize signs of struggle and support their first responder.

  • Manage difficult conversations.

  • Take care of themselves.

  • Be assertive and set boundaries, if necessary

  • Know where to find important resources.

A theraputic speciality in working with first responders to increase resilience and mental fitness.
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